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Earth Day may have passed but efforts at Nashoba continue to champion practices throughout the year.  As wine enthusiasts become increasingly aware of the impact of climate change on the environment, there is a growing interest in wineries that prioritize sustainable and eco-friendly practices in winemaking. From biodynamic farming techniques to renewable energy and eco-friendly storage, Nashoba is leading the way in creating high-quality wines while reducing their environmental impact, and promoting social sustainability within our communities. 
Better known around the Town of Bolton as the Little Dig, we are excited to share with everyone the start of our our latest project: the design and construction of the incredible “Nashoba Cave!” We understand that some of you have been asking what is happening with the hill, and we are excited to finally share the news with you.
This new 12000 square foot subterranean warehouse is going to serve as a storage for all of our barrels and finished wines, spirts and beers.   Starting 16 feet below grade and taking inspiration from the old European wine caves that were built underground and self-moderated temperatures, we are excited to bring this innovation to our process.  
But that’s not all! We also plan to install solar panels on the roof that can power up to 50% of our entire operation! This amazing undertaking represents another key step in Nashoba’s journey towards becoming an even more eco-friendly and sustainable business.   Imagine a building that will require no heat or cooling combined with solar panels to reduce almost half of out dependence on conventional utilities.
Justin Pelletier, COO of Nashoba Valley says that Nashoba is taking a million dollar gamble to improve the quality of our wines while reducing our carbon footprint.  “We hope our commitment to the environment will translate into a greater appreciation of our efforts to the environment.”
Transportation accounts for more than 10% of a bottle’s carbon footprint.  Yup! If you buy wine from your local area, you’ve reduced the carbon footprint of your wine consumption by up to 13% on average.  You may be surprised to find that our prices compare really well with those at chain stores but do you know anything about how those wines and spirits are made?  With Nashoba, you are gettin a great product that is 100% produced and bottled in Bolton, Massachusetts.  Small farms like Nashoba, are able to practice safe growing practices, like Integrated Pest Management and other farming practices which reduce harm to the environment while reducing the speed of climate change.  When you buy local wines and spirits, you know exactly where it comes from and can ask specific questions about how it is made and what additives are used in the production of our wines.  At Nashoba, all of our wines are vegan so you never have to worry about the use of animal products in the production process.
We would like to take this opportunity to extend a big “thank-you” to our partners, The Town of Bolton, Massachusetts Agricultural Commission for their approvals and support as well as our construction partners @chiodoexcavating and McKenzie Engineering for their outstanding work on this project. We are incredibly excited for what’s to come and cannot wait to provide our customers with the very best. In 2024 and 2025, be prepared for even more exciting developments as we continue to create a better, brighter future for our community. #greenagriculture #brighterfuture #supportsmallbusiness

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