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Thank you so much for considering a visit to Nashoba Valley winery. These are very difficult times for the restaurant/tourism business and it is especially difficult for family-owned farms. We appreciate the support that we have received and we thank everyone that appreciates all of the changes that we have been required to institute for the safety of our visitors and staff.

When making a reservation at our picnic grounds, The Vintners Knoll, or at our restaurant, J’s at the Winery, children are always welcome.  However,  they count as a person and the Covid-19 guidelines require all restaurants to limit the number of people at a table to 6 people or fewer.  Everyone must be seated at the table.  The requirement to remain seated can create a very difficult environment for some children that are not accustomed to being seating for their entire visit and this is made more difficult at our Vintners Knoll area because it is outside with so much land.  However, unfortunately, the rules require us to restrict people from wandering around our property unless they are coming or going, using the restroom facilities, or participating in our PYO operations.

  • All tables and reservations are limited to 6 people or fewer.   People include children and babies. There are no exceptions in the guidelines for larger families or groups living together.  6 people at a table is 6 people regardless of size.

  • All customers are required to be seated.   Everyone at the table must be seated at all times except for necessary travel to and from the table. People are not permitted to be away from the table or to run around the table.  

  • Everyone at the table to order food prepared by the restaurant’s kitchen prior to serving any alcoholic beverage.

Our goal is to be the most responsible business we can be by adhering to the guidelines and accepting the responsibility to apply the guidelines in a way that will achieve the intended objective.   We put safety first in foremost in our operations.  It is not only for your health but for the health and safety of our staff. We are comfortable with being overly cautious and overly concerned. Please appreciate that many people support our decision and our approach so allowing deviations from our policy is also a violation of their trust. We will modify our approach when Governor Baker provides more guidance or determines that we have the virus under control.