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Request for Specific Table

We appreciate your interest in reserving a specific table at our restaurant. However, we would like to inform you that we do not accept requests for certain tables. 
We understand that it could be disappointing for guests who wish to sit by the fireplace in winter or on the porch during summer and fall, but our experience is that reserving specific tables results in other customers being disappointed when they are not allowed to select a vacant table. If they are denied the opportunity to sit at a table that is reserved for guests arriving an hour later, they become increasingly disappointed as time goes by, and the table they requested remains empty. If the reservation for that table does not show up, then the customer that was denied that table becomes understandably frustrated with our approach. While we try to assign tables so that our restaurant is balanced, we adhere to our policy of trying to accommodate specific requests for tables to the first people who arrive at the restaurant and have a preference for a specific table.
When someone requests a specific table in advance of their arrival, we put in a note about the request, but if an earlier reservation insists on being moved to that table while it is open, we comply with their requests. While we cannot guarantee a particular table, we assure you that every table in our restaurant offers an excellent dining experience.
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