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Inclement Weather

Living in New England, weather predictions have been notoriously unpredictable, more so in the current year. We always recommend to customers to hold off on making reservations until they are comfortable with weather reports so that they won’t be unpleasantly surprised by unexpected weather changes. We do understand that it poses a challenge to plan around New England’s unpredictable weather conditions, but we always have our customers’ best interests at heart. 

Indoor Experiences such as Tours and Tastings won’t be affected by any weather changes, so you need not worry about that. However, visitors must understand that outdoor seating at the Vintner’s Knoll restaurant may be impacted by inclement weather and may be deemed to be unsuitable for some.  Reservations for Tours and Tastings cannot be reschedule or cancelled even if you plans to sit outdoors is disrupted by inclement weather.

The Vintners Knoll Restaurant continues operating even when the weather does no cooperate. While there are umbrellas available at every table, they may not provide substantial protection for some guests. The decision to visit is yours, and our team is dedicated to providing the best possible experience for all our customers even when the weather does not cooperate.  The Vintner’s Knoll is an outdoor venue and does not have alternative indoor seating or options.  We receive many request about what we do when it rains and the simple answer is that we continue to operate outdoors rain or shine since this is the only option available.

During the year, if there is severe weather making visiting unsafe, we might notify visitors of a change in schedule if it is determined that attending an indoor activity would be unsafe due to the conditions,. We make decisions based on sound judgement, as customer safety is always our top priority. As such, we will make such decisions as early as possible on the day of the event unless there are reasons to think that the weather conditions will make it unwise to hold the event. Regardless of our decisions regarding a specific event, all our other facilities will remain open unless it’s unsafe for our staff to come to work, and any such changes will be announced on our website’s home page.

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