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If you are looking for a relaxing lunch stop, enjoyable evening sunset, or are truly interested in learning about wine and viticulture, or if you would just like to sit and chill overlooking the picturesque Town of Bolton, then visiting our winery with your kids can be a lot of fun. However, to make sure that you are not disappointed, it is important for us to disclose to our visitors that our winery/farm does not focus on family-related activities like hayrides, petting zoos, corn mazes, and family games. 
Children are allowed everywhere with their parents except our Tasting Room or near the ponds. They also are not allowed to attend events that are hosted for adults. Younger children should always stay close to their parents. Bring small games, books, or electronics – iPods, iPads, etc. – to keep the kids occupied; never underestimate the power of a deck of cards and a good game of “Go Fish” or “Cheat” if they are older. 
What is winery behavior? 
It’s much like you would want your children to behave in restaurants, museums, stores, etc. Ask your children to stay with you, or in an area next to your table, ask that they don’t touch things that don’t belong to them, keep their voices lower, not to run around others’ tables and of course, to be polite. Most parents understand, so our rules are primarily focused on those parents that simply do not understand that adults need places to enjoy as adults. There is a nice playground and baseball field at the bottom of the hill about 3/10th of a mile from the winery. 
Farms can present problems for young children that are left to roam without supervision.  Ponds are very dangerous. Like swimming pools, they present a clear and dangerous safety risk to children. Because of multiple incidents where attended and unattended children have fallen into our ponds, we no longer allow children near any body of water with or without adult supervision, and seating by our ponds is now reserved for adults only. Better to be safe than sorry. 
Our apples and our gardens are for everyone to enjoy. 
You and your children are invited to purchase a bag and then pick apples from our trees during our harvest season (Sept-October). It would be greatly appreciated if you made sure your children understand that we make wines from apples on the trees and make Vodka from apples on the ground so every apple has value to us. Stepping on them or throwing them is not allowed. 
Our flowers from our gardens are for everyone to enjoy and are intended to make our property beautiful. 
Thanks to everyone that understands and appreciates that every business has a vision of what the business is designed to present to its customers. 
If you wish to discuss our rules or would like to submit comments and recommendations, please email us at Let’s work together to make everyone happy as we are your friends and your neighbors and we want everyone to have an enjoyable time at our farm.

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