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Musicians Agreement

Looking to play music at one of our events?  Please read the following information and then fill out the form below.

Live music played at venues, like Nashoba Valley Winery, requires the host location to pay a royalty to a PRO Organization for using copywritten songs that the PRO represents.  If you only play original music, then you do not have to worry about checking your music because you own the rights to your music.   

PROs collect public performance royalties. When a song is played in public at our venue, the venue is required to be licensed to play that music. The PRO collects those payments and distributes them to the rights holders.

Who are the PROs?  The biggest names in PROs in the United States are ASCAPBMI, and SESAC and each represents different artists. Nashoba Valley is currently licensed by ASCAP and BMI to play the music of artists that they represent.  According to The New York Times, ASCAP and BMI licensing represents more than 95 percent of the songs available to businesses in the United States so we are confident that your performance should not be unduly inconvenienced by a slight modification to your playlist. 

We are not registered with SESAC and so it is important for us to manage the music played at our venue you.  No one is allowed to play any music of a musician that is represented by SESAC.   To play at Nashoba, you must agree to do a search of the music you intend to play and restrict your songs to artist represented by ASCAP or BMI.  You can search songs and artists allowed not not allowed by either of the search buttons below.  You must provide us with a list of the songs and the PRO company representing the artist.  It should take only a few minutes to search.  After your search and if you agree to comply with our licenses, please fill out the form below to submit a request to play at our venue.  

Thank you for working with us to preserve the rights of artists.  Your cooperation is truly appreciated.  We have found the safest approach to playing music that is licensed to be performed on our property is to only play music that is listed as ASCAP 100% –  Works in the ASCAP Repertory that are 100% controlled by ASCAP and its members.

Song and Artist Search for ASCAP

Song and Artist Search for BMI

Song and Artist Search Represented by SESAC

Click here to agree to the terms and apply for a date

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If you are above $300, please note the price in your information about your performance. Generally, artist at our events are single artist playing to a small crowd and no cover.

It is very important to fill in the section as we host different events with different playing times. During the day we sometimes host entertainment from 1 to 5 pm. Sometimes we host entertainment in the evenings from 5 pm to 7:30 pm. The more detail provided the more likely it is that our team will identify the appropriate event based on costs.

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