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Thank you so much for your understanding and cooperation.  We want you to have a wonderful time visiting us and want to accommodate your visit.
Although hired transportation can create a safer journey, we have found that this mode of transportation can also contribute to overconsumption. We take our responsibility seriously and will prevent buses and limousines that show up full of alcoholic beverages, with open containers and the appearance of having a full day of over-consumption from visiting or dropping off customers.

If you are visiting in a hired vehicle, please enter the property and proceed to the parking area to visit and unload after you are parked. We ask that you instruct your driver not to stop in our roadways to unload or block or interfere with entrances to the winery. All vehicles, private or hired, are required to park in the parking lot and unload their passengers once parked. A fire lane is a fire lane for all vehicles and is not to be used as a point of dropping off people. The walkways and access points to our wine shop are for everyone equally. Roadways, HC Parking spots, or parking spots for quick retail purchases are not to be used for the parking by hired vehicles. Every visitor is treated equally, so if you plan on visiting with a hired driver, it is your responsibility to direct your driver to the general parking lots and to allow your guest to unload after being parked.

Finally, please understand that it is our responsibility not to overserve anyone regardless of whether or not they are driving or visiting in a hired vehicle.

Transportation companies currently not allowed onto our property:
BuzzBus – 350 Old Colony Road, Unit 4, Norton, Massachusetts
Roman Limousine –, Somerville, MA 02145

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