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Vintner’s Knoll Gatherings, Celebrations, Decorations & Outside Food

Our special place is the perfect escape for anyone looking to gather with friends and unwind in an idyllic countryside setting. With our exceptional wines, delicious food, and alluring views of the beautiful Town of Bolton, Massachusetts, you’ll savor every moment spent with us. Whether you’re in the mood for a relaxing lunch stop, an enjoyable evening sunset, or a thirst for knowledge about wine and viticulture, we unequivocally offer it all. 

Our farm is a popular destination for people looking to celebrate special occasions such as birthdays, upcoming weddings, or corporate events. While reservations are limited to 12 or fewer people, we’re thrilled that our guests can decorate their tables with colorful tablecloths and plates to create a festive atmosphere. However, we kindly request that items intended to draw attention, such as signs, banners or large balloons not be used. Please note that we do not allow any outside food to be brought onto or consumed on the property, with the exception of one celebration cakes, or cupcakes. However, we do offer cupcakes on our menu, as well as cakes that can be ordered in advance for your special events. We also politely request guests to keep noise levels to a minimum and in tune with the tranquil surroundings. At our farm, you’ll have the time of your life!  Should you elect to bring your own cake, please be sure to bring your own plates, utensils and cutting knife.  We do not allow cakes to be stored in our refrigeration per guidance from the Board of Health.

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