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Are Reservations Required at the Vintner’s Knoll

Usually no but sometimes yes –  here are some helpful suggestions,


Definitely on Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Labor Day, and Columbus Day  

Reservations for more than 6 people 

We believe that our venue is best suited for groups of 6 people or less but we do accept reservations for up to 12 people (16 with children)  Groups of 7 people or more should always make a Reservation before arriving since we only have a limited number of large tables and we do not move tables to accommodate larger groups.  We do not allow larger groups to sit at multiple tables.

April 1 to August 30th

Generally, reservations are not required on weekdays but we recommend reservations on Saturday and Sunday.

September 1 to November 15th 

Reservations are not required on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday or Friday.   Although not required, we recommend reservations on Saturday and Sunday.  We will always do our best to accommodate groups of 6 people or fewer with the understanding that an empty table does not mean that it is available for people without reservations.  Like many restaurants, we are seriously understaffed and do not see an end to the labor shortage.  Please appreciate that a table might be empty for hours while it is being reserved for people with reservations.  Or a table might be left empty by us for the entire day if we do not have staff or chefs available that can offer the level of service we expect of ourselves.  We are always doing our best to accommodate every customer but we limit the number of people on the property to a number that we are able to serve and monitor.  We have over 120 tables and we staff based on reservations, past experience, and the availability of staff.  We would rather turn people away and provide good service to the people seated than accept everyone and provide a bad experience for everyone.

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