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Tables at the Vintner’s Knoll

At The Vintner’s Knoll Restaurant, we take reservations for outside seating only.  If the weather does not cooperates, we will attempt to present alternatives but it will be impossible to seat everyone at a covered area.  Alternative seating will be done on a first come first serve basis.  When the weather is anticipated to be unsuitable for outside seating, we will make a decision on the day of the reservation before 10:00 and notify by email people with reservations of the options we are presenting.

Tables are assigned by our reservation system as they are booked and each time period has tables specifically assigned.  When making a reservation, please understand that we do not take specific requests for specific tables.  Should you book multiple tables, we will not coordinate for the tables to be put together.  We have a limited number of tables for larger reservations since our experience is that we can only serve a few large tables without negatively impacting the quality of service and food for our entire operation.  Combining tables would create more larger reservations that we feel that we are able to handle.  Please see our policy on how pacing and the limits on large gatherings allow us to offer better service to everyone.

If you are looking for a specific table at the Vintner’s Knoll, please check with our information booth when you arrive as we do not take request for specific tables unless you have mobility issues in which case please reserve a table that is set aside for the purpose of accommodating people with mobility limitations.  If you wish to have a specific table, please check in with our Information booth upon arrival and ask if a certain table has already been assigned by our system.  If it is not assigned then we will gladly accomodate your wish.  However, if the table is already assigned, then we will not rearrange a reservation to accomodate a request for a specific table.

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